Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pink suitcase sisters

Lots of people ask what is a pink suitcase sister, and how did you come up with the idea? I told you in on of my earlier blogs that I would let you know. Like I also said earlier a book called the Passion Test is responsible for a lot of good things in my life, the Pink Suitcase Sisters being one of those things! Back in the fall of 2007 I was doing a lot of walking with my sister and her friend. They were both single at the time and we were talking about trips and how they had no one really to travel with, since they weren't married. Then in another incident, my client walked into my office with her husband. They were telling me all about their trip to Egypt and I told them I was getting ready to go to NYC with my girls (my house just sold and that was my treat to them for having to move out of our big house and into the itty bitty) sorry off track and a blog for another time! Anyway, the lady said she would LOVE to go to New York, and I said why not go, you just went to Egypt for gosh sake! She told me her husband would never go to New York, so my suggestion was that she go with some friends. She said her friends would never travel without their husbands.....well- I saw that as a problem that needed to be fixed. My brain churned for a couple of days and I came up with a business plan. I emailed that business plan to my sister and a couple of friends. I also emailed it to Kathy, my outside travel agent. She in turn emailed it to all her friends and before we knew it, we had about a dozen ladies that wanted to sign up. I asked Kathy to be my partner and we put together the first trips then we had an open house on Feb 4th, 2008. That night, 65 women joined!! We now have about 300 members and go on a lot of really cool trips. We have also had Atlanta Magazine do an article on us and Southern Lady is doing one on us for next months edition!! This group is incredible, if I do say so myself. Everytime a women travels with us and makes new friends, it makes me so happy!! Everytime we can be there for someone that needs comfort, it makes me happy. It has been so sad that over the past couple of years I have not been able to travel with them and get as close to these women, as I did when I went on the trips. I can't wait for the day when I am not on reserve and I can plan to be off to go on the trips. But until then, they are in the very best hands with Kathy!