Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As I sit here sending out my text messages to some of my special peeps, I realize what this year is to us! Two years ago I was in the middle of chemo and freaking out about cancer. Last year I was recouping from my second shoulder surgery, hoping that it was going to work and wondering if I could go back to the job I loved. THIS YEAR 2015- I find myself healthy (except for this ear infection) and back at work- for a new company, Southwest. I am doing what I love. I have become a "double" Grand Mom this year. We are so blessed and they are precious.

It is also the year that me and all my "way back girlfriends" turn 50. That just blows me away! It seems like only yesterday that me and Kelley would sit and talk in high school about how we wanted to get a convertible Mercedes for our 50th birthday- so stupid but the Mercedes we wanted back then was a current model, not a new futuristic one....not so stupid now, I would still rather have an old classic, than a new one!

 Priorities also change as we get older also, or is it just because I had the cancer scare? Mercedes don't really matter, spending as much time with my love ones and "living" is the most important. (Doesn't mean I wouldn't jump up and down for a convertible) but doing things and making memories with the ones I love is the most important. Last year I gave a journal to Lloyd for Christmas and it has stuff I wanted us to do- my New Years resolution is to start marking off those pages and living life. 50 is an important year and I am so glad I made it here!!

A toast to all my girls turning 50 this year- embrace it and start living it!! To my husband that puts up with me, thanks you are the best, I love ya! To my kids, y'all need to hold tight to those babies, they grow up really quickly! I love y'all!! Happy New Years to all my friends and love ones!