Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thankful- Thanksgiving 2014

2014- Wow what a year and how very thankful I am this Thanksgiving season!!
I might get deep and emotional in this post, so stop ready here if that offends you.

Today I saw my third grandchild being born. This one was extra special because from the time my first born little girl Kristi, was in this world- all I could imagine, was her one day becoming a mother. When I went through the cancer, all I could think of was not being here to live out that dream. Today that milestone was met with open arms. To be there for Peyton's birth and to be standing alongside her sister as she helped to deliver this baby, was incredible. That room was so filled with love- We were all present, Krisit"s sister and best friend Brittany, Me, her dad, her mother-in-love and Bradley, the love of her life. To see this miracle and to experience this love is the most humbling experience.
If anyone says they don't believe in God, they have never been brought to their knees asked and begged for a positive outcome or a miracle, and been given that, AND more! There is no way someone can watch the miracle of childbirth (that is truly the only way to describe it) and not believe it is not guided by God's hand. This morning we saw the presence of God, love, and miracles. For that my life is blessed and my request fulfilled to be here for that birth. How could I be thankful for more?
Not only was I able to be around for Peyton's birth, but God blessed me with Brittany's surprise, Baby Kinsley. I have to say....probably because I am her grandmom, but there is not a better, more precious baby girl, than that one born 4 months (to the day) before Peyton! That little girl holds my heart and
 I am so thankful for her. 16 is now my lucky number!!
7/16/2014 "Baby Girl" Kinsley Carter Howell and 11/16/2014 "P Daddy" Peyton West Horne
Brittany came up with both of the nicknames. The stress of Kinsley's birth and the prayers that were answered on that one- is just another slap in the face that God is real and I have so much to be thankful for!
The third little guy in my Grand Mom trilogy is Homer. What a little man!! He lights up my world- and because God put Lloyd in my life and he is an amazing man, I got my bonus son- Jim who in turn gave me our first grandson Homer- born on our Anniversary. And of course behind any awesome man, is an awesome mother- so there is Janet, my daughter-in-love. I am so thankful to have a son, finally and for that son to be such an awesome, different, child of mine!! I am so thankful for having that little family in our life.
Then other thing that is truly a blessing and I am SO thankful for, is my health. There was a time that I thought this stupid shoulder would never be healed. Or that Stupid Cancer would beat me. This year has proved it different! I healed from my second shoulder surgery and I went back to work!!! YES, I was able to return to a job I love and I am now turning a page and moving on to Southwest and starting a whole new chapter in that novel. (Stay tuned folks!!)
Lastly, all of this would not be possible without the amazing man I have standing by my side. Lloyd was truly a gift from God. He appeared at a low point in my life, he showed me unconditional love, he nursed me back to health through shoulder surgeries and cancer, he cooked for me and encouraged me, and he always supported my crazy dream of being a flight attendant. I know I could never be thankful for all the above things without him standing by my side!!
I am blessed and I am thankful! Thankful to God for all he has given me. There is so much more to mention, but right now: after being up all night birthing a baby, I am too tired to go into detail= I will list just a few.
I am Thankful for:
My Mom- and the time I am still able to spend with her.
My Sister- who I couldn't do without
My Amazing Friends- you all know who you are!!

Thanksgiving 2014 has given me all the blessings I could ask for!! It goes down in the history books for me!