Friday, December 28, 2012

Whoo Whoo- I'm half way there and 2013 is on the radar

I have always been a person that looked at the positive vs. the negative- and this time is no different!! I am half way finish with this "chemo shitzzle". I have only 4 more to go and I am pretty excited about that fact. The Taxol is next, it is another unknown, I don't know what the side effects will hold for me, but I will put up a good fight just as I did with the AC. The Andriamyicin (Red Devil), was not a match for this chick! In fact, on the score card it was Traci 4- Red Devil 0!! I kicked her ass- yes she did manage to take my energy, and take my hair, but I won that battle, she DID NOT take my spirit! I hope I have the same results with the Taxol.
So the deal is, Jan 3rd I will start Taxol and the treatments will be every other week just like the AC. The plan is for a huge party at the end of these 8 weeks!! I have so many friends to thank for supporting me on this journey.
2011 and 2012 have not gone down as my favorites, but I know after all I have learned these past two years, 2013 is a year for renewal and I can't wait for it to begin. My life has changed so much since August and I am so thankful for all I have been blessed with. I am thankful for the friends and support Army that has literally come out of the woodwork. I am thankful for my family who is always there to hold my hand when I am in pain or wipe my tears. I can't EVEN begin to thank Olive (aka Kimmie) and Poptart (aka Cissy) who will stop their lives anytime I need them for anything or to drive Miss Daisy. I am also thankful to have met Super D (aka Dawn) on this journey. It really helps when you are able to reach out and talk to someone about the nasty's of chemo with someone who knows what you are going through. You are ALL the best and you have all taught me to be a better person and friend. So when you hear a lot of yelling and hollaring as the clock ticks down to 2013, it will be this girl!! I have never looked forward to a new year as much as I do this year!! Willie Raes, look out for the Party!
So I wish EVERYONE a happy, healthy and blessed 2013- I love you all!!! If you are reading this blog, you are my Army and you are what keeps me going on this fight!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride #3....not my favorite

Well, Chemo #3 on Tuesday, was not my favorite so far! Kim showed up to drive Kristi and I to Dr Hahm's, and I was feeling icky.  I don't know if it was nerves or something else, but let's just say I was already puiney. I get back to the room and the nurse tries to access my port and it didn't work. She called in another nurse and they couldn't get the sailene to push through the port. Until they get the sailene to push and they are able to draw blood, to know they are in that heart vein, I am unable to get chemo. GREAT! They call in Kim, the PA and she wants me to immediately have that port checked out. She is concerned I am not feeling well because of the issue with the port. So they call the Vascular Surgeon and get me an appointment. I show up and the first thing he tells me is that I may need to have my port replaced...under LOCAL....into my JUGULAR.. If I wasn't scared, freaked out, emotional all ready, that pushed me over the edge. Luckily, Lloyd had rushed over there and was with us. Have I told y'all that Kim can faint at the sight of blood OR the discussion of it? She sure has toughened up, but I still worry about what she sees. Plus, I don't like to fall apart or be scared around the kids. Just not how it is supposed to go down. Anyway, they took me back and under the xray- they accessed my port. It hurt like hell, but they did not see any problems. So I told them to call Dr. Hahm back and while the port was accessed I wanted to go ahead and get chemo over, TODAY!!

So we rushed back to the infusion room and had the chemo- so 3 down 5 f'n more to go!!!
Last night, Christmas and what it means to us this year, hit us pretty hard. We are so lucky! This cancer could have been so much worse. We feel like we dodge a huge bullet and should really be counting our blessings this year! So Merry Christmas to you all- I hope that you are all blessed as much as we are this Christmas Season! I love you all!!