Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We're all going to die.........sometime

Those of you following my blog, know that I started a list when I got cancer. It's not some elaborate bucket list, just a simple "don't forget to do these things" list. Some examples, go see a funny movie with friends, take a limo ride to North Ga wineries, help out someone with cancer, go to the beach with my family, take a hike, get healthy, love deeply, get in touch with my spirituality, go to a Braves game, etc (there are MANY MORE)

When you read on the internet what type of cancer you have and that it is "agressive", "more apt to come back", etc. You learn life is precious and just going through our daily lives without fun, interaction, meaning is only wasting those days we have left. We don't ever know how many of those days we do have left, so why waste ANY?  I'm not living like I am afraid of dying, I am living like I am afraid of NOT LIVING! I'm afraid of not living with a purpose.

October brings with it the awareness of breast cancer with all the pretty pink ribbons and such, but it's not only about breast cancer. I know in the past, before bc even, seeing the Pink made me stop and think about ALL cancers. Even though the ribbons are pink in October, I always thought of my dad and his cancer. I'm ashamed to say I don't know what the color is for pancreatic cancer's ribbon. I just know the awareness of Pink in October, meant Cancer. Period Dot.

October and the thought of cancer should have also made me stop and see the beauty in my life and how precious each day without cancer, was for me. Maybe that is something you can't learn, you have to experience. That's ashame too, that you have to look death in the face, before you can truely see life. I preach all the time about that now. I try to yell from the mountainside to appreciate what God has blessed you with and not to complain. Appreciate EVERY second of life, because it can turn on a dime. Get out there and turn up the volume on your life!

So, when we are out there playing golf in our pink or walking in our pink, do some things for me. Look at all the fabulous friends and family you are with, enjoying life and making memories- and appreciate them before it is too late. Live your life with meaning. Life is short and we are all going to die sometime, so make it count while you can.

Sitting here on a beautiful Tuesday, on the 1st day of October- I will thank God for all he has put in my life and thank him for this gorgous life. I will thank HIM for his healing hands and a second chance at life. I will walk around my neighborhood and take note of every precious thing, remember every single memory from my childhood,  and be thankful for all the great neighbors who were there for me last year.

And for you guys, go make your appointments for your mammogram, colonoscopy, pap smears, etc. Stop smoking and get healty. October should be all about Awareness- on your LIFE and all that Pink should remind you that it can be a pretty one!!!

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Update- January 4, 2014
My good childhood friend died on Wednesday and I am heartbroken. I spoke with my mom about her sudden death and my Mom said, you know Missy was prepared, even though it was sudden. She lived her life "right", she was a Christian, she was a great caring friend and mother. Same as my friend Tim who passed away in May. Are you living your life "right"? Are you prepared to go at any moment? It's hard, but they did it. They didn't speak ill of people, they were loving and caring, they loved the Lord and lived a Christian life. It's important to make peace with your loved ones and truely let people know how you feel. Let your Soul Shine and let that soul reflect goodness. That is my 2014 Resolution, to live a positive, healthy life, in His Light! My light will shine for 2014, for Tim and for Missy! If their deaths were to bring anything positive at all, it was for me to stop and think, to reflect on the type of person I want to be. To reflect on how I want to live my life. So, if you haven't noticed the change in me because of Cancer, you will for sure see it because of the loss of these two lives. Maybe that is "why" God took these two souls, maybe that is why these two "good" people are not here with us any longer. I know we can't question God, but that is the positive that is filling my heart, that is the change in me, that is coming from these deaths. I will live my life differently because of their deaths, how many other people will also?