Tuesday, May 1, 2018

To Begin The Ketogenic Journey

To Prepare for our 2 week Challenge:

1. Get in the right mindset, do your homework and make sure this is the plan for you. Then, follow our Facebook Page to stay motivated, get new recipes and ideas, and share your accomplishments! 
Read these books! The Complete Ketogenic Diet For Beginners
Keto Clarity and the Keto Diet. Also, on Netflix or on Amazon Prime, watch The Magic Pill. Great movie about the benefits of eating keto.
Once you have the mindset- (we are going to take a baby step for this challenge) You are going to begin with a date in mind {May 7th-21st}, we want to make an attainable goal to cut out all carbs (including alcohol and WINE...it's two weeks people!!!),  keep track of what you are eating, and to lose 5 pounds in those two weeks.

2. Calculate your body fat- (you will need this number in step number 3  http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp…

3. Calculate how many maconutrients you need to be eating daily Keto Calculator. Typically it is around 5% Carb, 25% protein and 75% Fat! 

4. Download an app to help you track carbmaster  (free) or  MyFitnessPal(1.99 a month to track macros), and track everything you eat. It will keep track of your macros for you! Once you have been keto for a while, you won't have to do this, you will be able to gauge your food without all the tracking. Edited- I am starting to track again. I hit a plateau and I think it is because things go in my mouth that I am not being mindful of- a handful of nuts here or there adds up! 

5. Journal, this is the best way to keep track of how you are feeling, what you are eating and how they are tied together. Please, the most important thing about this journal is your measurements!! Make sure you take the time Sunday to record your weight and your measurements. Also, write down your "why". Even if you don't want to share your story on our Facebook page, have your story written down for yourself. You will want to go back and read it when you are having a bad day or you need encouragement. 

6. Try to meal plan- I am not good at this, but there are tons of Pinterest sites and books with meal plans for the keto lifestyle. Make a list of foods you need when you go to the grocery store and get your house prepped for the challenge. Bacon and Butter the Ultimate Ketogenic Cookbook is a great cookbook to help with some easy meals.

7 Buy Keto Strips to track your ketosis- My favorite part, because it is like a competition for me!! Or a Ketone Blood Meter if you really want to get precise- It will show you when you are in ketosis and what you eat that knocks you out of ketosis. Blood ketone meter

8. Throw your thoughts about FAT out the window and start eating the right portion of it by adding it to your food and your coffee!! This XCT oil is what I use to add to my coffee! 

9. NOW- let's get ready, now that you are prepared. Make your plans to go to the grocery store, because you need to go ahead and throw your carbs in the trash and eliminate the ability to cheat. Mark your calendar and buy your journal!! 

Video for Day 1 Motivation

My Keto Journey and How it Began

December 2016, I decided something had to be done. I was not comfortable with my weight or how I looked. My daughter had posted this picture of me, from June, and I could not get it out of my head.
Did I REALLY look like that?? I had been saying forever that I needed/wanted to lose weight. I had tried EVERYTHING- weight watchers, shakeology, advocare, plexus, low fat, you name it, I had tried it! So as I sat in the bathtub, looking at that “monster belly” I told myself to make a plan!
My plan was, FIRST, to get my husband involved. See he does a lot of our cooking and without him in on this plan, it wasn’t going to work. I asked him to look at me and really  hear what I was saying. I was crying and telling him that he had to help me. Second, I made a date. That date was March 1st. I wanted to get myself through the holidays and our anniversary trip. Not only was I going to change my eating habits, I was going to give up wine, for as long as it took to meet my goal. My goal was 10 pounds. I was starting with baby steps. I knew I had more to lose, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself.
I wasn’t sure how I was going to lose the weight, but I had my “WHY”, now I needed my “HOW”. That was when a friend of mine posted a video about her new diet. She shared her health issues and what the diet was doing for her. The I saw a post- a really long one, from another friend. She was doing this same diet- I started doing the research, along with reading the book “Wahl Protocol Diet” and I formulated my HOW! I found that t this diet plan was a little restricting, but the Keto diet followed the same concept. That is when I read Keto Clarity, and switched to the keto lifestyle.
I met my first goal pretty quickly, then I moved the carrot- 30 pounds is my goal- right now I am maintaining right at 27, but that is well enough. This year my goal is to get into shape. I never really exercised this past year, as I was losing the weight, so this year I will tone up this new body.
When I lost 24 pounds and finally posted the beginning pictures and the results, everyone thought I was selling a product. I wasn’t- I was just so happy with what I found and thought so many people could benefit from this lifestyle. See I don’t think of it as a diet anymore, it is a way of life. People ask me if I am going to quit now that I have lost the weight, or they say, “when you can eat normal again”. .... The answer is, no I will always chose this way of life over rice, or bread, or candy. Sure, I have some cheat meal- like when we decide to go to eat Mexican, but I limit it and is rare.
This journey is not for everyone and I will not push it on anyone, but if you are going to give it a try, please share with us. Join our Facebook group and share your recipes, share your struggles, share your thoughts, share your pictures and your accomplishments! I would have never found this way of living, had it not been for my friends who shared their story and put themselves out there for all of facebook to see!! Thank you Amanda and Diana, because of them, my life was changed!!