Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11, never forget

I can't help but think about the events of 9/11, not just because I am now a flight attendant; but because at this moment I am staring at Boston's Logan Airport,  from my hotel. This is where some of the monsters boarded planes with the sole purpose of killing Americans.

I know tomorrow my heart will hurt for the 25 flight attendants killed and their families. I will remember how they were the front line of this attack and how brave and calm they were in the face of this evil. I know I joke about my job and passing the pretzels, but I also take it seriously. I take security and safety seriously.  My heart will hurt for ALL the victims of this attack.

I also know that the threat of another attack is high right now. We, as flight attendants need to be alert and aware of our surroundings. We also need to stand up for our safety and make sure that TSA and DHS are requiring the proper identification for passengers boarding planes. We need to continue the fight to keep knives off the plane. Most of all we need to be alert to odd behavior and security breaches of any kind.

Every year at this time we remember the brutal attacks made on this day in 2001, but we need to remember EVERY day! We need to remember how easily, how calculated and how ruthless these attacks were! Take time to watch some of the broadcast again, or listen to Bety Ong make her phone call. Take a moment to reflect, again. Please never forget. There were so many heroes that day, starting with the flight attendants, and ending with the fire fighters, God bless them all! ..............