Saturday, September 15, 2012

Onward and Upward!

I feel as though I am writing "50 shades of cancer", everyone has asked me why I haven't blogged lately and they are wanting more! Well I haven't because we have been waiting.....not so patiently! Maybe if there was a reason for the cancer that was it, to teach me how to let go, how to turn it over to God, and how to be PATIENT!
So this week, I went for the Pet Scan- it is not bad at all, a very relaxing process. You are put in a room, they inject the radioactive sugar in your veins, they turn down the lights and let you rest while you wait one hour. I took my i-pad and read my book. Then they put you in an MRI-like machine for about 20 minutes and scan your body from head to toe. I DO HAVE A BRAIN, YAY!!
Yesterday, I met with Dr Hahm- she made us wait about an hour. Can I tell you that WAITING in a small room with my hyper husband, and the impatient me- is torture!! He thinks the reason we always wait in Dr's offices is because they are in cohoots with the parking deck and they get a kick back. I think it is because they are trying to teach the two of us patients- he said they will need a PHD to teach the two of us!!
Anyway, she walked in the room and she must have seen the fright we had on our faces, while we waited, because she said- "No other cancer showed up!" Both of us let out a huge breathe. I think we had been holding it for over a week!!
Dr. Hahm did let us know about the road we are getting ready to head down. She did say the double mastectomy will be "uncomfortable" and there will be a recovery time for that, but she is giving me time to bounce back and time to get through my daughters wedding before she starts chemo. So very late October, I will have outpatient surgery to insert a port. The chemo I have to have is very strong and can't touch your skin and it doesn't do well going in your vein. The drugs I have to have are a cocktail of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, I will have four treatments every other week. After that, I will have four treatments, every other week of Taxol. So all in all, four months of Chemo. I have to have the stronger more agressive chemo because the Triple Negative Breast Cancer factor. It is a more agressive cancer and if any little boogers got lost from this lump- we want to exterminate them with the chemo!! I will lose my hair- so from now on...Bald is Beautiful!! ok?
Next step is to return on Tuesday to the breast surgeon and she will schedule the surgery for the mastectomy. We need to get this ball a rollin' - I got too much to do!!
Again, thanks so much for the wonderful cards, letters, gifts, and facebook messages- y'all are keeping me positive and I love and I am thankful for each and every one of you!!

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  1. you are an amazing and beautiful person, traci! i am sitting here with tears... and will be here for you :)

    ~ hugs, love, and light ~
    your neighbor, j