Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Changes will occur!

I started flying for Airtran on a whim, back in April 2010, but that is not when my love of Airtran began, nor my love for travel and planes.

I know here in Atlanta we are supposed to love Delta Airlines, but being a travel agent and seeing their customer service from my desk, I was never impressed, if I could even get through to them at all. If I called Airtran, I usually spoke to someone very personable that was sitting in Carrollton, Savannah or Atlanta- it was always the same, they helped me out with any need I had for my client and we carried on a very pleasant conversation while we worked. When I traveled, it was the same- Delta yes, they had meals, but they were usually served by some grumpy old flight attendant that acted like she hated her job. (I do have to say over the years Delta has got better, may it is because they have recently hired a lot of my friends!) Airtran would pass my pretzels out AND carry on a conversation with me. ValuJet was the first airline my kids flew on and we continued flying Airtran throughout their teenage years. Primarily because I would "earn" so many free tickets from work.
Throw back to commercial for valujet changing to Airtran

So you get the picture- I loved Airtran before I started working for them. Soon after I started, we got the news unexpectedly that we were going to merge with Southwest. I have always loved change, so I wasn't too scared, until I realized I was going to have to start commuting. Then I realized we were so small, I knew the people I was flying with, Southwest is huge- I will never see or fly with my friends! Will I ever be able to make friends?
Airtran Graduation 2010

 Some of my Airtan Memories!

 And the benefits of flying- taking my girls to Chicago for a little getaway!

New Friend

Well that change came December 19th- I went from Airtran over to Southwest and I have to say, I LUV it!!! Yes, commuting is hard AND EXPENSIVE, but I still love what I do. I am based in Houston, TX and now I am in love with Texas- my second home! The people I have met and flown with are awesome, and yes I am making friends! AND I am seeing my old friends too! 
Old Friends!
Don't be afraid of change, it will happen! Embrace it and hold on for the ride!!

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