Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's get it on....

So, Tuesday the "Fab 3" attacked the Dr's and their schedulers! I don't think they knew what hit them. Dr. Robbins (the surgeon) is in a hurry to get on with the surgery. She does not want to wait and was hoping to do it next week. WELL, Dr Leake (the plastic surgeon) went out of town for 2 weeks. He won't return till Oct. 1- and he didn't even ask our permission. We made that point to his whole office staff when we decided to attack their office!
Anyway, we sat down with Dr. Robbins scheduler and she couldn't get a committment from Dr Leake's office, because of insurance and his trip. We told her this would not do! If we couldn't do it by the first week of October, Dr. Robbins would just have to wait till after the wedding! Katie the cute little scheduler went to ask Dr. Robbins if that would be ok, and she of course said NO! Dr. Leake's office said they would call back next week. We told Katie what we were up against and of course she started to cry and say she could not imagine planning her wedding and her mom not being there. Which in turn made Cissy cry, but the heartstrings plan that Kimmie had divised, worked! Katie said she would hound the scheduler at Dr. Leakes office and have it all planned by Friday.
The "Fab 3" weren't going to accept any of that, so we got in the car and marched into Dr. Leake's office! We told the girls at the front desk the whole sob story and told them we wanted to see Meaghan, the scheduler. While we were at the front desk, we also got lots of donations for the Pink Ribbon Golf Tournament. More stuff for the goodie bags and some botox treatments for the auction!
Meghan came out and we found out that they had just got the ok from the insurance company and she would get back with Katie and call me TODAY!! I told her we prefer to do the surgery on October 2- that would give me plenty of time to get well for the wedding on the 20th.
By 3pm I had the answer- seems we left out one factor when we were marching around flexing our muscles and pulling at heartstrings.....the hospital. They couldn't get the hospital scheduled until the 10th- ugg! But, as I said before, cancer doesn't know who it is dealing with! I can be up and dancing at the wedding in 9 days, after the surgery!!

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