Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear cancer (battle of the boobs)

Dear Cancer,
I have written you in the past. I am sure you remember me, I told you how much I hated you, when you destroyed my dad's body and spirit. I cussed you each time you have attacked one of my friends. What you don't understand is I am a fighter and I have an army helping me fight. You will be sorry you have messed with this chick. I don't forgive easily, and I never forget. I know my enemies and who are sincere friends. You, are an enemy.
The Battle of the Boobs was last Wednesday. You attacked and I counter punched and did it with aggression. I may be down right now, and I have had to retreat, but I will not hide from you. Sure, you caught me off guard. You attacked when  I was down with my shoulder issue,  I never thought I would have to fight you one on one. Certainly not at 47. I fought against you for others, but it is normal to say, I thought it would never happen to me. That's what I said. That's why I didn't do a monthly self breast exam, that is why it didn't matter that I was late getting the mammogram. I will now shout it from the rooftops that the SBE and mammograms are extremely important. I will not only fight you for myself I will continue the fight to cure you, to banish you. I will team up with the American cancer society and any other organization to kick your ass.
I know I still have more battles to come. I know I have four months of poison to make sure you leave my body, but I will win! In the end, you will lose! 
Battle of the Boob....winner Team Traci!

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