Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well, that was fun!

Today someone posted that I was a warrior. That is how I like to think of myself, with my huge army by my side. But this morning, three days after surgery, I am feeling a little more like road kill. Something that has been run over, gross and kinda stuck flat out to the road. In my case it is the chair or the bed or my swing, that once I get into a comfortable position I can't move and I am stuck. If anyone ever tells you a mastectomy doesn't hurt that it is more just uncomfortable, remember thay are taking heavy duty drugs, and are not in their right mind.
I have to repeat that I am overwhelmed by the love and support. I have been amazed by the love...even from people I have never met. People who are friends of friends, people who don't know me, but have put me on their prayer list. It is so comforting to have this support. I can't thank you all enough!
I know this is just the beginning of a very long fight, but with the army of my supporters, I can climb any mountain!

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