Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Downhill side of Mountain Two

Well, I made it up and over Mountain #2, the wedding. I had to pull from every bit of strength I had to make it there. In fact, the Tuesday before, when Scott asked if I would be able to make it, I said..."if it were today or tomorrow, no, but maybe by Friday and Saturday"
I went to the Dr Leake on Thursday for my check up and had one drain removed. The other one on the side where the cancer was, still was not able to be removed, so "dickey the drain" got to go to the wedding with me. Since the surgery, the most it had ever drained was 65 ml- the wedding day it was 195ml...needless to say, I over did it a little and it has taken a couple of days to recouperate. I danced, I stayed till the wedding couple left the reception and I was able to WALK down the ailse and enjoy every last bit of it!!
Hopefully, Dickey will be removed tomorrow and I will be back up and at 'em. We are having another spa day and I will be going to Atlanta to get my "chemo hair". I figured it would be easier for Lloyd to shave short hair, plus it will be easier for me to style, before it starts falling out. (But enough of that- that is Mountain #3).
Mountain #1 was a hard climb- I really didn't want to start that climb, but I did. October 10th I showed up at Wellstar Hospital and put on my bear paw gown (a hospital gown with a hair dryer attachment attached to it to keep you warm). My Army was able to stay back there with me until I went back for surgery. This was actually 3 surgeries. First, Dr Robbins came in and cored out the cancer (she said it was pretty deep), she "amputated both boobs", then she inserted the port. The port will be used to administer the chemo directly into my big heart vein. The combination of drugs that I will be taking is very strong and can't touch your skin and damages small veins. It is called "red devil or red death". Once Dr Robbins finished up, Dr Leake came in and started the first step of reconstruction. He placed expanders under my chest muscles and then he filled the expanders with fluid. Enough to give me perky little B-cups, I had cleavage when I woke up! He will continue to fill these until I am the size I wish to be and then in about 9 months I will be able to get the permanant implants. I was unable to do that until after the chemo is complete. This pain was more than I expected- if someone tells you that it is just "uncomfortable" remember...they are on drugs!! I was supposed to stay in the hospital only one day, but ended up staying two nights. The morphine did not agree with me and so I needed to stay. The best way to describe how I felt was "road kill". I felt like my chest had been beat and mutilated and then stuck to the road and run over. Luckily, today two weeks later, I just periodically feel like I have been beat.
The good news that came out of the surgery was there was NO lymph noid involvement- YAY!! and the margins were cleared- so Dr Robbins was able to scrape that shit clean!! (Sorry mom for the use of the S*** word, but I believe the C***** word deserves the cuss words!)
So now here we are at the base of Mountain #3- Chemo Hill- don't want to start this climb either, but if getting to the top of this means killing every little Shit (cancer) Bug that wanted to stay in my body- then lets pull up our big girl panties, don our pink warrior outfits, and lace up those climbing boots!! I have an Army who will pull me up this mountain if I need it, so get to hiking!

On a side note:
Thanks to all that are reading these blogs and keeping me in your prayers- if this blog saves one woman and encourages her to feel her boobs or have a mammogram I have done my job. I have heard of a couple of people who have said it is wrong that I am sharing this journey with all of facebook, but I can't handle the bombardment of phone calls and only telling this once is so much easier- so I guess you have to say....I'm going to take the EASY road on that one. Plus, you can unfriend me if you don't want to hear cancer rants- this will be my life from now on- Cancer never leaves you, even when it has been eradicated from your body.

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