Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rocky Theme Song

Many of my friends know that I always have a song in my head- and sometimes it pops out. Well today, as I enter the final lap and await the last chemo on Thursday- the Rocky Theme song is playing. I picture myself running up the steps and on Thursday I will be pumping my arms and finishing this battle to the top!
Chemo has been hard, but I wouldn't say it was unbearable. I guess my shoulder injury trained me for the chemo. I was used to being in pain, sitting. and not being able to do anything. I never did get the nausea that some people get with chemo.Thank God!! I had it on my very first treatment of Andrimycin and that was it- of course after that, I stayed on top of the medicine and would even set my alarm to wake me in the middle of the night so I wouldn't miss taking a pill. I think that helped! The nausea pills did make me constipated and I had an issue with that, but luckily I had a friend in Dawn! She was having the same problem and she went to the specialty doctor (in that area) and told me what he said to her, so I didn't go! Thanks Dawn, for taking a probe for me!!! I know, too much information, however; I am writing this blog for women who are going through this same thing, so they may want to know the good AND the bad that came with treatment!
The Taxol is what I am taking now and after I have my treatment on Thursday I will feel fine till about 5 or 6pm on Friday- that is when I get a fever, last treatment it got up to 101- the new cut off point for me to call the after hours physician. The pain will also start about then and  won't let up until Monday or Tuesday. I have learned that the heavy duty pain pills I have, don't help the pain, they just make me feel like I don't care that I am in pain!  So now, I just take tylenol and claritan. Don't ask me why Clariten works with the bone pain, Dawn told me about it when I took the Nulesta shot and had bone pain from that medicine. The new side effect I am having with the Taxol is itching and burning hands and feet- THIS drives me nuts. I take benedryl for this and it seems to help.
But all of this will soon be over- I can handle anything as long as I know it will be better AND when!! That is the key- I haven't been able to plan anything and I am so ready to begin my life over again. I have made "an appointment" for a week long trip to my favorite beach (Cape San Blas). I also have surgery for the reconstruction coming up. My shoulder dr said to wait about 6 weeks after the boob surgery to do anything, so that is still pending. My bucket list is getting longer and I am ready to get to work on that and the party!
Listen out for all the cheers and the Rocky Music on Thursday- it's not just Valentines Day- it is the END OF CHEMO DAY!!

My BCF- Best Cancer Friend, Dawn (Super D)

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  1. I am crying right now. So frickin' happy for you!