Friday, July 5, 2013

My Coochie Got Me Thinking

Last week I had to visit one of my not so favorite doctors- the gyno- I had another lump and with my medical expertise (umm google) I knew I had a cyst, so I raced to the appointment in a state of worry. If I didn't have ADD, and had finished reading my googled article, I would have known this cyst was benign, non-cancerous and not pre-cancerous. I know this is gross and none of you want to hear about my coochie, but it got me thinking about other types of cancer. First off, I don't EVER want to deal with ANY other type of cancer. And breast cancer was horrible and don't want it again and would never wish it on anyone, but it seems breast cancer has been in a way glamorized. The pretty pink ribbons and pink merchandise.Someone with breast cancer really tugs at the heartstrings of society. I first realized that I had the "fortunate type of cancer" at a support group. A lady there had lung cancer. She said it is really tough to have lung cancer, there are no pretty pink bows and people always look at her with disgust that she gave herself cancer, because of her smoking habits. She says you just don't get the sympathy and support you do with breast cancer.
Then there was the lady I met in chemo, she was there with a friend. This friend told Kim and I that the lady with cancer did not have a good chance of surviving, but she was staying strong. When we asked what type of cancer, the friend said, she has ovarian cancer stage 4- she could have prevented it getting this far, if she had gone to have regular pap smears. She didn't because she doesn't have money or insurance. Now girls, ALWAYS get your regular check-ups. I hate the gyno too, but you have to go!! For those of you that are low on money, go to the health dept. or call the doctors and see if they can work out a payment plan, borrow the money....just Go!!
This happens to be the same type of cancer as Olivia. I don't know Olivia, she is a childhood friend of my neighbor, Beverly. This neighbor has a huge heart and has been trying to help Olivia out with her medical and financial problems, so I have jumped on the bandwagon with Olivia and Beverly. Olivia has no medical insurance, she has no job, or husband, or car or money. Our help is what is getting her through. Having cancer is SO stressful- I can't imagine adding to that stress with the financial burden. I was so blessed to have insurance and it was still hard financially. This is just too much to bear. The other thing is Olivia comes from a small town and doesn't quite have the community support, that we have here in Marietta, or the hospitals. She is from Brewton, Alabama and has to go to Pensacola for medical treatment. She doesn't have the pretty pink cancer, but she has CANCER! Please everyone, if you can help her out! Her story is posted below. I know we all aren't in a position financially, but even a small amount helps- or pass around this blog or link to her donation website Sharing her story is help too!

My name is Olivia McCormick. I have stage three cancer and am currently undergoing chemo. I have no insurance no income and am at the mercy of the good people who find a place for me in their heart. I had my uterus removed in 2006, in 2007 I had a tumor removed from my bladder. I have also had three laparoscospic procedures. I am an epileptic and my inability to gain control over my seizures slowly tore my life apart. I lost my educational opportunities my career my husband my good and car. I began having serious abdominal pain around August 2012. I was told repeatedly that I was suffering from constipation or bladder infection. I went into the ER in extreme pain one night. I was literally writhing and screaming out in pain. There was nothing being done. Finally able to get a CAT scan of my abdomen. They admitted me to the hospital right away. The next day they removed my ovaries and a ten pound tumor. It was cancer. The cancer had spread to the layer of tissue that holds ur insides in. It is called the omentum or fat pack. 
I will have to undergo chemo for eight more months then major surgery. I will be cut all the way across the bottom of my bust line and down to my hip cuts on each side to open my entire abdomen to search for any remaining cancer. I am no where near perfect and I know I never will be but I hope I can make it through this with help so that in the future I can help others who are suffering through this and many other life threatening illnesses. Please help

I KNOW there was a reason I got cancer. I feel like that reason was to go out there and spread the word and help others with cancer. I hope that me using the word COOCHIE in my title got lots more hits to my blog and y'all will pour out the support to Olivia! Here's her link to help her Donations for Olivia

P.S. Don't tell my mom I talked about my coochie on the internet- 

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