Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brittany, one of the reasons.....

A little narrative and birthday wish, for "one of the reasons" I am a warrior and fought as hard as I did and "one of the reasons" I am so happy and thankful this Thanksgiving.
Rare moment caught on film...she never cried

But she did get into things!

25 years ago as I prepared to have Thanksgiving at my house, I was also begging my Dr to deliver my second baby girl. He finally agreed to induce me on the 22nd and have me home by Thanksgiving day (the 25th, that year). He did; and that Thanksgiving was the best I ever had!
Brittany Lynn Campbell was stubborn obviously from the "get go". She was expected to arrive early, sometime around Halloween. Yes, I did say the Dr. finally induced me on the 22nd of November.
She has brought so much joy and laughter to all of our lives. I already had a perfect 2 year old and no one could imagine anything any different than the first. That theory was totally thrown out the window, the moment I brought Brittany home from the hospital. Kristi snuggled and would rock for hours. Brittany not so much. If she heard a peep, her head would bounce around to see what the noise was, remember....she is just home from the hospital, and the peep was the two year old wanting to be with the little sister. My grandmother had 8 kids and she found it so funny and odd, that from the very beginning Kristi would drag Brittany around like she was hers. She would tell her what to do and watch out for her.
That was pretty much how most of these 25 years have gone, Brittany being totally opposite from her sister and her sister still watching out for her. They are still best friends and I honestly have never seen them get into a real fight.
Brittany is a contradiction, too. Have you ever met a OCD slob? Or someone who is very focused that is sometimes clueless? Or someone that loves to sleep but never wants to miss out on ANYTHING? Yep, that's our Bitt.
Brittany has the greatest sense of humor and keeps me laughing. Sometimes we don't even know why we are laughing and sometimes it happens in inappropriate places. Brittany and I can just look at each other and bust out laughing, till we are crying. (or running for the bathroom)
She is always up for an adventure. Say the word GO, and she is gone. She is fiercely independent, stubborn, competitive, and fearless. She has a beautiful soul and you can't help falling in love with her. She has always been the light of all of our lives....mine, Kristi's, her dad's, her cousin's, and all her grandparents.
24 was not the best year for Brittany. Her mom got cancer, her best friend and sister got married, as did her dad, and she was trying to get through her last year of nursing school. Through the Christmas holidays, she spent it with me going to chemo. Her strength and beauty amazed me, during that time. Her laughter lifted my spirits so much during the treatments. But during all of that year, you hardly ever saw her feel sorry for herself or get down. She tucked her head, buckled down and pushed her way through it all.
Brittany has been a blessing for all of us and we are so lucky to call her daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend,  BITT BITT or Bo Bo!! We are so proud of her accomplishments and we know she makes the best nurse there is and Albany is lucky to have her!
Here's to wishing you a very special happy 25th Birthday!
 Grand Bahama


 Grand Cayman
 Big Sister love!

Still best friends!!

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