Monday, January 6, 2014

New "Prettier" Beginnings- 2014

In a way I hate to write another blog, after the one I wrote about Missy on January 1st. As of today, it has been read by close to 900 people. People I didn't know, came up to me at the funeral to tell me thanks for writing it and how special it was. I even had someone ask that I write one about them when they pass away!

I really don't know if I can live up to that blog or not, it truly was written from my heart. I started formulating this blog on New Year's Eve, but Missy's blog quickly took first page when I was stunned by her untimely death. So this blog has been changed a little, because of the impact Missy's death made on me.

One week ago, if I had told Missy that our church would be over flowing with people that admired her and wanted to pay tribute to her, she would have been embarrassed and told me I was crazy. I think she knew that she impressed some people and made an impact on their lives, but not to the extent that was apparent yesterday. Missy was a behind the scenes person, never wanting to draw attention to what she did. She never did anything for notoriety, just out of the goodness of her heart. If you knew her or came into her presence, you knew of her giving heart.

Yesterday, the preacher talked about Missy's "pretties" (as she called them) and how she collected things- lots of things!! He talked about making our corner of the world "prettier", make our marriage "prettier", make the world "prettier". Appreciate the beauty in each day and all your surroundings.

If cancer had not already made me realize that, Missy and Tim Hunt's death, earlier in 2013, surely did!! They both were amazingly good people who left us way to soon, but with their death and with the cancer, came a light to my life. They shine in me to be a better person. I am sure my life is not the only one that has been touched by the two of them! Missy's light and the goodness of her, lives in her children and those who knew her. Same with Tim, because of his example, those that knew him, try to be better people.

2013 was an uphill road for me, the chemo treatments, new cancer free boobs, new hair-do, the shoulder surgery and now the recovery and physical therapy to get back to work after almost three years, and the loss of two friends Tim Hunt and Missy Randall. It also brought lots of memories and happy times, being honored at the Pink Ribbon Golf Classic and the Making Strides Walk, checking things off my bucket list, time spent with family and friends, Kristi getting settled into her new marriage and new home, Jim and Janet's new home, My Flipagram from 2013

Brittany's graduation and announcement of her baby. I am at the top of that hill now, and I am going to live up here as, Tim and Missy would have!! I will make this hill "Pretty" and I will shine like I have never shone before! Life is precious and ever minute counts, so burn your light bright! Live with the volume turned up, look down at the path you are walking on and don't miss a thing! Don't wait till the funeral to show someone they matter to you, let them know now. 

2014 hopefully will bring me health and I'll be able to get back to work, doing what I love. I am going to be a Grandmother again, and I am so excited about that new life. I have the best friends around me, some  that have been here forever. I have the most awesome family, that I couldn't live without. I am thankful to have a supportive husband, who is my rock. My blessings are many.

Yes, it is those blessings God has given me, that will lift me up for the new year. The teachings that I have learned over the past year from the battle with cancer and the loss of these two good friends will point me in a new direction, they will be my compass and I will begin 2014 with a "Prettier" beginning! I ask you all to join me on this new journey and this new adventure from the top of the hill!

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  1. Nicely said Traci. Your blog on my dear wife and your lifelong friend Missy's sudden passing was a sweet, personal and moving tribute that touched many. You do her memory further honor by reminding us all how we, like Missy modeled for us so well, can positively touch and impact others in sometimes quiet but significant ways. The outpouring of support this past week and at yesterday's service was both overwhelming and uplifting.

    Blessings to you. Tom