Monday, November 26, 2012

Shave..BECAUSE of the save

Longest the hair has been in forever....go figure!

Well, I heard Tuesday at chemo that this would be the week for the hair to fall out. Of course, I am the woMan with the plan, so I planned for "black friday" to be the day! I never knew why they called it black friday, so I thought, if any day would be black, it would be the day I shaved my head. I made Kim in charge of the gathering, cause I knew after chemo on Tuesday, I would be out sick, at least Wednesday and Thursday. In true Kimmie fashion, the girls all had their orders- wear their hair up and in full combat mode. Brittany got the face paint, they all gave me gifts and cards to take my mind off of it.

Unfortunately, I had already broken down with Kristi and Lloyd. Everyones response was the same, "you'll look beautiful.". I had to explain- I didn't care whether I would be attractive, I didn't want to now appear sick. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, and that is the first thing that you do when you see a bald chemo patient. I could at least go out in public before, and no one would know I was sick.
The timing for our shaving gathering, was right on time. My hair was falling out by the hand full on Friday. Once we got the original cry over, we got on to the shave. My fabulous husband was in charge of the shears, because Cissy and Kim were shaking too bad. We had a good laugh during the middle of the whole thing, cause I looked up at Kristi and she about fell out, because I looked JUST like my nephew, Will. She started laughing so much because of our similarities. My sister always said we ACTED just alike! Now it is official!
Right as we finished up, Dawn- Super D- came in with her baby and her beautiful bald head. We were both feeling a little puiney because this was her chemo week also. Talk about inspiration....she has two babies and this shit! I can at least go to bed anytime I want!
This is a great time to commend my daughters- wow! How strong they are having to be through this- plus they have their own stuff they are going through. Brittany had 5 exams this week, and Kristi was having to move out of her house, during all of this! But no matter what, they were right there with me to hold my hand and keep me strong.
The two reasons why I,  fight like a warrior!

My life, My Rock!!

That was the last occurance to have me on edge- now that the shaving is over and we can move on towards kicking this cancers ass, I got this shit covered!- So bring on the chemo cosmos!
Sorry for the bad word....but sometimes it is the only word that works with cancer- (thanks Jerry!)

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