Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sisterhood of Cancer - Kappa Omg-a Cancer

Week one after treatment one------

If there is one thing I have learned throughout this ordeal, it's this: there is a sisterhood that I have now joined. Anyone that knows me, knows I was never much for the sorority life- I didn't conform well. Apparently, I have no choice in the matter, now. Once you are diagnosed you are automatically put in this sorority of sisters. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE meeting alumni who have fought this fight and won - I LOVE meeting the sisters that are now actively fighting this disease, but you can't deny the conformity.
My bald head will give it away- back in my college days, it was a bow you wore in your hair or a t-shirt you had to show your sorority spirit.
I am going to Rock The Bald Head and hold it up proudly. I am going to put the t-shirts on and scream at all of you who don't take this disease seriously and make sure you check your boobs and get your mammograms. I am going to raise money for the cure of this horrible disease and that will be my "sorority platform". God has a plan for me and I will figure it out, before all of this is said and done.

Update- Week One has come and gone- overall the side effects of last Tuesday's chemo weren't too bad. I was icky feeling for a couple of days, Friday I couldn't get out of bed without throwing up, and today I am starting to get the mouth sores. My hair appears to still be on my head, for now. I will have this "good week" in between last weeks treatment and next weeks. I hate that I will have treatment 2 days before Thanksgiving, but I will have my good week on the week of Christmas, so it was a tradeout.
I will continue to rejoice in the good days and have fun on those days. I am now in "Neutropenia", which is the point I have to be really careful. My White Blood Cells went from 8.1 to 1.9- that means I am unable to fight infection, so I have to be very careful with who I am around, what I do, and what I eat. (That is your Cancer Class for the day).  I promise no test on this later.
Today I went to another great program the American Cancer Society provides (Look Good Feel Better) I LOVED Mary our instructor! She was a spit fire- and had the same sense of humor, as me. Dawn, my Cancer Sister, met me there and it was a blast! When I have helped raise money for the American Cancer Society in the past, I didn't realize where the money was really going. Now I see all the places it is going, not just to finding a cure, but this class and all the other ones they provide and all these wonderful volunteers that Mary! So thank all of you who helped me raise money for Team Traci!!
I rejoice over little things now, like taking a poo, no nausea, ability to eat, waking up and still having my hair, spending time with my loved ones, meeting new people, making someone laugh and saying goodnight and good morning to my husband. Before cancer, I went about my day and didn't think twice about much of that stuff. Cancer is like a Magnifing Glass that you put up to your life- Everything hurts worse, feels better and is noticed more.
I am still amazed at the wonderful  people that are in my life. People who I have known forever and I expected to be here for me, but also these wonderful people that are "just facebook friends" who give me support and the courage to be a warrior. You have all become such a great meaningful friend to me!
Smooches to you all!! Prayers to all my Sorority Sisters!!

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  1. Way to keep the spirit and love, Traci. I so wish I could be there to help you out when you don't feel we'll, and celebrate the times you do feel well. Just know that you are in my heart every single day. I am so glad that you are writing about your journey and know that it is a great way to keep up with you without calling every day, so thank you for this gift. Also because of you I am getting my first mammogram in I don't know how many years this week......I'm sure you've.inspired countless others too. Love you girl.....Mwah!