Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2- Cancer Fuel

We began the journey of knowledge, in the last blog and learned some of the "reasons" I believe I was susceptible to cancer. Now we will start talking about what we can do to keep Cancer away. This section is also helpful for people who want to live healthy and not fuel the cancer that lives in their body. Remember fact one in yesterdays blog, EVERYONE has cancer cells lying dormant in their body.

So here are some things that FUEL those cancer cells:

1. SUGAR- I had my eyes opened to this little gem, when I went in for my PET scan. They make you drink a sugary drink, then you wait just a little bit, and then get scanned. The glucose in that drink, will go directly to the tumor. That tumor will "light up" on the scan and they are able to see it. When we eat foods with a high glycemic index, your body will release a dose of insulin. That insulin stimulates cell growth. Reducing the amount of refined sugar and white flour we consume, we cut off a life line for that cancer cell. Added benefit to reducing the sugar and flour....healthier skin.

So here is a list of things we will avoid:
                     1. Sugar, honey and syrups (try instead Agave necter, dark chocolate and stevia)
                     2. White/ Bleached Flour, White Rice- (try whole grains, basmati or brown rice, multi-grain pasta, oats, and quinoa)
                     3. Potatoes- (instead, lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, beans)
                     4. Sweetened drinks, sodas ( drink instead water or green tea)
                     5. Alcohol- (red wine ONE glass with dinner is ok)

2. Inflammation- Yesterday, I mentioned a little bit about inflammation and how I felt it was responsible in some ways for my cancer. Here are some causes of inflammation in your body.
                            1. Diet of red meat, processed pork products and refined sugars
                            2. Oils rich in omega- 6 (trans fat)
                            3. Dairy products that are full fat and non-organic
                            4. Eggs fed corn and soybeans
                            5. Stress- The stress hormone cortisol causes inflammation
                            3. Less than 20 minutes of Physical Activity a day
                            4. SMOKING and other Pollutants- Do I really need to explain this one? Your putting SMOKE in your LUNGS- Hello??? Lung Cancer is the number 1 cancer causing killer and you can prevent it easily- STOP SMOKING!

3. Everyday Product- These are now so prevalent in our society, it is hard to avoid. Here are a list of some of the ones of most concern.
                          1. Deodorants with aluminum, especially for women who shave their armpits
                          2. Dry Cleaning chemicals- Perchloroethylene- air out dry cleaned garments in fresh air for several hours before wearing
                          3. Plastic containers made with PVC's- use glass or ceramic containers when using a microwave to heat.
                          4. Cell phones and electromagnetic fields-
                          5. Parabens and phthalates in cosmetic products
                          6. Pesticides and insecticides

                Tomorrow- Day 3- I will write about the changes I have made based on my research. I hope you will also join me in making these changes and continue this journey with me.

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