Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 1- Triple Negative, turning into positives

Triple Negative is the form of breast cancer I was diagnosed with, in August 2012. Last year, in honor of Triple Negative awareness day, I wrote a blog and shared a link. This year, I am spending 3 days researching and writing about ways to keep cancer at bay. Then spending 3 weeks making those changes to my own life and sharing the outcome and difficulties. Wish me luck and feel free to join me!!

First off, 40% of all cancers can be prevented (YES PREVENTED) by simple changes in your nutrition and physical activities!! That is huge and gives us all a reason to embark on these changes.

Second, and important....CANCER lies dormant in ALL of us!! No one is free to say, I'll never have cancer. We are all at risk. We might never really know what causes our cancers to show their ugly heads in our lives, but we can try to analyze it and reduce our risk with knowledge.

This knowledge is what I will be sharing. I have read many books and this is my conclusion: there are proven factors that fuel those dormant cancer cells. For me it was a combination of several, that came together in a perfect trifecta that resulted in my breast cancer. A perfect storm, if you will.
1. My weakened immune system-  A strong immune system will keep cancer at bay. At the time of my diagnosis I was taking Enbral a drug prescribed for RA, that suppresses your immune system. We can strengthen our immune system with a healthy anti-inflammatory diet, a positive emotional state of serenity and joy, a positive support system of family and friends, and regular physical activity.
2. Injury that won't heal- Researchers have directly linked 1 cancer in 6 to a chronic inflammatory state. Not only do I have this with RA, I had a shoulder injury that for one year was constant pain. When you have an injury your body produces highly inflammatory substances to heal your injury. The substances like cytokines, prostaglandins and leukotrienes act like gasoline to promote cell reproduction to heal- they also promote cancer cell reproduction,, which can slip right into the neighboring tissue. I don't believe that it is just a coincidence that my tumor was only 3 inches away from my shoulder injury and the constant swollen pain! Plus, my white blood cells are also working overtime to heal the shoulder. This left my defenses down.
3. A Sedentary lifestyle- Again, at the time of my diagnosis I was barely getting out of the house, much less my chair. The shoulder pain was so great and the weight of it "hanging" while I was standing, made me miserable after only a short time of walking or standing. Exercise had been non-existent for over a year.

When I went for my first check up after all my chemo treatments and surgeries were complete, I asked the Dr; if my boobs have been amputated and chemo is complete what test will we do to make sure we stay on top of this returning, and what changes can be made to reduce the risk of this returning? She said this," we won't be running any routine test (such as mammogram), and there is nothing you can do (that you haven't already done) to reduce your risk. You just need to be aware of any problems or any changes, in your body and let us know as soon as possible. Your cancer will return somewhere else, if it does." (based on research, in my brain or bones)
I have never been one that listened to the words- You can't do something- CAN'T just isn't in my vocabulary! So, for the next three days I will share with you what I find out CAN be done and we will embark on the journey for the next 3 weeks!! We CAN do this!!

Notice all the 3's? It's in honor of TRIPLE Negative Breast Cancer- Join me on the 3-day learning journey and 3-week implementation!

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  1. Just started reading back to 3/3 thanks for blogging...i try to put down words but still cant concentrate own sis says i dont make any sense so i do enjoy your blog and others keep up the good work LOLa